• Lunch Rice Entrees

      The following entrees are served with white rice. Brown rice or fried rice (add $2) may be substituted.

    • Grilled Marinated Pork


      Pork marinated in lemongrass sauce and grilled on open flame.

    • Grilled Chicken


      Lemongrass marinated grilled chicken breast served with rice and veggies.

    • Grilled Pork


      Lemongrass Pork tenderlion over white rices, served with cucumbers and tomatoes.

    • Grilled Lemongrass Steak


      Slices of tender grilled steak marinated with lemongrass; served with white rice and veggies.

    • Shaken Beef


      Medallions of filet mignon sautéed with jalapeños, onion, and garlic in our Chateau pepper sauce; served with white rice.

    • Lunch Noodle Soups

      Served with a side of bean sprouts, jalapeños, lime. Add mixed veggies to your soup (add $2).

    • Pho - House Special


      Rice noodles with round beef, brisket, flank, and meatballs in a beef broth. Filet Mignon (add $2)

    • Pho Beef


      Make your own beef pho by choosing round steak, flank, brisket, meatball, and/or filet mignon (add $2).

    • Pho Chicken


      Steamed breast of chicken in our chicken broth.

    • Pho Seafood


      Shrimp, scallop, crab, and mussel in seafood broth

    • Pho Spicy Filet Mignon


      filet mignon beef in our Chateau spicy beef broth