Our Story

In 1975, when we were young, our family escaped the horror of the Vietnam War and gratefully settled in the United States.  We remember our mother began the long process of cooking a big pot of pho every Saturday evening and let it simmered through the night.  On Sunday, our whole family would sit around the table slurping on a delicious and healthy bowl of pho.  This hot bowl of pho became our comfort food away from our native homeland.

Our Restaurant

As we continue to grow and adapt the American life style and taste bud, so does our Vietnamese taste palate.  As second generation, we want to continue  our mother's tradition of making pho but in the grand scheme of the American dream: a Vietnamese restaurant that satisfies our Vietnamese as well as our American taste palates.

Meet The Team

Our Mother

Chef / Consultant

With our Mother's guidance, we are able to carry on the traditional method of cooking pho with all its aroma and spices.  And of course, the many recipes that are on our menu.

Thyanne Ngo

General Manager

With a degree and background in administration, Thyanne manages the restaurant to bring delicious food and outstanding services to all our customers.

Vuong Nguyen

Designer / Consultant

With the help of William Baker, a renown restaurant architect, Vuong designed and built Pho Chateau.  He continues to design and build restaurants throughout the DFW metroplex and a consultant in the food industry.

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